Smoke Machines - INT. & EXT.
A/C units, D/C units, Gas Units & Portable units.

Steam Machines - INT. & EXT.
Large Steam Boiler & Portable Steamers,
And Our New Custom Steamers!

Dry Ice Machines - & Assorted Gear

Rain FX Gear
Rain Towers, Assorted Rain Heads, Hoses, Various Pumps, Water Trays

Water FX Gear
Dumptanks, Bambi Bucket Dump Bag, Water Holding Tanks, Water Heaters

Wind Machines
Various Sizes, Blowers

Air FX Gear
Air Cannons, Air Movers, Air Knives, Compressors, Air Vacuums, Air Bags,
Air Pistons & Air Ratchets

Fire FX Gear
Flame Barrels, Flame Bars, Fireplace kits, Heat Shimmer FX, Propane Cannons.
Various sizes

Co2 FX Gear
Co2 jets, hoses, regulators, nozzles

Snow FX Gear - Ice Crusher Machine
Turns 300lb Ice Blocks into Fresh snow!!

Snow FX Gear - Snow Foamers
Large Snow Foamer and Portable Snow Foamers, Snow Banks

Snow FX Gear - Falling Flakes - INT & EXT.
Snow Blanket, Snow Foam, Frost, Icicles, Snow Candles, Snow Dressing

Car Flipper Rig

Rigging FX Gear
Quick Releases - Various Sizes
Pulleys - Various Sizes & Styles
Custom Self Supporting Rig

Car Go-jacks
For ease to move vehicles around on set or in studio

Cobweb Guns - Different types

Dust Guns - Different types, Custom Dust Rigs

Dummies - Male, Female, Child & Infant

Blood Splatter Rigs - Various Sizes

Blood, Rubber Blood, & A/B Blood

Breakaway & Rubber Glass
Sheet Glass, Rubber Glass Pieces, Broken Pieces, Custom Pieces, Glassware / Bottles / Dishes, etc.

Soft Props
Custom Made Pieces, Props for Rental - Hero and Soft Version, Soft Debris, Breakaway (Furniture) Pieces

Bullet Hits, Sweeney Guns, Spark Hits, Powders, Trunion Guns, Remote & Custom Firing systems, Spark Generator

Fireworks - Various sizes

Confetti Guns / Confetti Products

Fire safety Gear
Co2 Extinguishers, Water Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide Detectors, Fire Blankets

And so much more!!

Please call for quote and equipment inquires.
We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

14 Belvia Rd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8W3P9
(Kipling & Horner area)

Jeff Skochko